This page contains most of the forms and documents that the Purchasing Services department processes or that are related to the Purchasing process. If you cannot find the form you are looking for, try using the search feature in the upper right corner. If you are looking for a form that is not listed, go to the University Forms Library.

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RFP Planning Documents

The Request for Proposal (RFP) Planning Documents are used to aid in the creation of an RFP. Purchasing Services requires this form to be attached to any RFP request.

Click on the appropriate link below to access the proper form/document.

Price/Supplier Justification Forms

University of Minnesota Purchasing Policy requires price and/or supplier justification be attached to any EFS requisition or Purchase Order (PO) request for:

  • Goods and Standard/Professional Services that totals between $10,000 and $49,999.99; or
  • Construction Services that totals between $10,000 and $249,999.99. 


Department Request for Exception to Bidding

The Exception to Regents Purchasing Policy form is completed by departments and documents a request to purchase through an exception process before the purchase takes place. The form is required for purchases which are over the bid thresholds (below) and where there is sufficient justification available for Purchasing Services to waive the Regents requirement for a competitive bidding process. 

  • Goods and Standard/Professional Services that exceed $50,000
  • Architecture & Engineering (aka A&E or Design) Professional Services that exceed $100,000
  • Construction Services that exceed $250,000 

Discuss the situation with Purchasing Services before completing the form: Department Request for Exception to Board of Regents Policy (UM 1721)

Change Order Form

The purpose of this is to capture what needs changing on an existing EFS PO and why. Purchasing Services requires this form to be attached in the PO Change Order's header-level justification comments for all POs totaling $50,000 or greater. This form is optional for PO Change Orders that total less than $50,000.

Change Order Form (UM 1790)

Code of Ethics

Any department employee responsible for any portion of the Purchasing process should have a signed copy of this code on file in the department files. This form should be signed annually.

Department Code of Ethics

Construction Contract Award Memo

The Construction Contract Award Memo is used to initiate the Notice to Proceed process on Lump Sum Agreements that exceed $100,000. This form should be completed and attached with your request for Purchase Order.

Contract Award Memo for Lump Sum Contracts


The following are for use to complete certain tasks in TRIRIGA.

Request to Add/Revise Supplier in TRIRIGA

Capital Equipment Asset Receipt

Complete this form during the physical receiving process to capture data about capital equipment assets and notify the procurement specialist of the physical receipt of assets.

Capital Equipment Asset Receipt Form (UM 1681)

New Location Request

Use this form to create a new, or make changes to an existing "P Location" (a location code used in the financial system and on requisitions and purchase orders for "ship to" addresses).

New Location Request (UM 1686)

Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

Use this form for to identify the University's tax exempt status. Suppliers may require this form when providing you with a price quote.

The University's Certificate of Exemption (ST3) can be found on the Tax Management Office website.

Supplier Authorization/Change Form

Use this form for suppliers that do not qualify for single payment. A completed and signed form W-9 or W-8 BEN Series must accompany this completed form for all new supplier set-ups or changes to a supplier's name or tax ID#.

Board of Regents Approval

Regents Approval for Purchase of Goods and Services $5M or More

Regents Policy requires that individual purchases and contracts be presented to the Board of Regents for approval after the bid/proposal process has been completed and prior to making the purchase or contract:

  • Individual purchases or contracts valued at $5,000,000 or more.
    • Value shall include both the base term and any optional contract extensions.
  • Amendments to individual purchases or contracts previously approved by the Board when the amendment will increase the value of the agreement by 30% or more.
  • Existing individual purchases and contracts that were not previously approved by the Board when the value increases over $5,000,000 or more.
    • Value shall include both the base term and any optional contract extensions.

The following documents are required to be reviewed by Purchasing Services prior to requesting Board Approval.

Prepaid Debit Cards

PPDC Study Form

Use the Study Form to set up an approved program or study in the ClinCard Portal in order to pay individuals using a reloadable prepaid debit card.

Prepaid Debit Card Study Form (UM 1833)

Revise PPDC Portal Access

Use this form to request or remove individual University employee access to the ClinCard Protal.

Revise PPDC Portal Access (UM 1832)

Procurement Card (PCard)

Procurement Card Application

Once you have received approval from your Department Card Administrator and completed the online training, use this form to apply for a PCard.

Procurement Card Application (UM 1656)

Statement in Lieu of Receipt

Use this form to document and support a transaction when the receipt is lost or unattainable.

Statement in Lieu of Receipt (UM 1566)

Professional Services

HIPPA Data Collection

Business Associates of health care components must be identified. All identified business associates should be reported to the Privacy Coordinator of the appropriate health care component for tracking.

HIPAA Data Collection (UM 1807)

Independent Contractor

This form must be completed to help the University of Minnesota (University) determine whether an employer/employee relationship exists for employment tax purposes.

Independent Contractor Form (UM 1650)

Non-Resident Alien Form

Eligibility for a nonresident alien (specifically, foreign national) to receive compensation from an U.S. source depends on the person's visa status. Departments need to ascertain certain work eligibility and tax information about the international visitor in order to complete the contract and payment process. Payroll Services requires this form for Professional Services requisitions.

Non-Resident Alien Form (UM 1695)

Professional Services Information Sheet (PSIS)

This form is required for all Professional Services $3,000 and above.

Professional Services Information Sheet (UM 1669)

Statement of Work (SOW)

The Statement of Work (SOW) explains in detail all the tasks and milestones that must be reached within the period identified. It will also contain specific, detailed responsibilities for both the supplier and the University department. Include any agreed upon payment plan or payment details in the SOW. 

Statement of Work (UM 1697)

Relocating Employees

Moving/Relocation Expense Documentation

The Moving/Relocation Expense Documentation Form is required each time an Expense Report or Voucher is created for reimbursement or payment during relocation/moving of an employee. The form should be submitted, along with any associated receipts or invoices, with your Expense Report of Voucher.

Moving/Relocation Expense Documentation Form (BA 1357)


Employee Expense Worksheet

Use the Employee Expense Worksheet is an optional form that may be used to document expenses to be reimbursed (while the intended use is for employees, it can be used to facilitate reimbursement for non-employees, if needed).

Request for Lodging Exception

Use this form to request approval for a non-conference lodging rate that falls outside of the University guidelines. This form should be completed and submitted to a supervisor/manager/designee who is at least one level higher in authority than the traveler. Approval should be obtained before the hotel room is reserved and travel begins.

Request for Lodging Exception (UM 1636)

Accounts Payable and Related Forms

Check Request

This form is used to facilitate and support voucher/payment entry to an individual or company when an invoice is unavailable (for example, deposit refunds, human subject payments). This form is not used for employee reimbursement.

FedEx Electronic Billing Enrollment, Change, or Cancellation

This form is used to establish, change, or withdraw a department's participation in the FedEx electronic billing program. The electronic process eliminates the need to process paper invoices/vouchers.

FedEx Electronic Billing Enrollment, Change or Cancellation (UM 1678)

Single Payment Vendor Number Request

Use this form to request a cluster-specific single vendor payment number.

Single Payment Vendor Number Request (UM 1676)

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