For Suppliers/Vendors

Large value purchases for Good and Standard/Professional Services are subject to University polices which requires an open and competitive bid (RFx) process. This RFx process is facilitated through the University's MBid System.

MBid Access

Current Users

For firms that have already registered for MBid, enter your login and password below to access the system.

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New Users

To register your firm in MBid, click on the "New Supplier Registration" button below.

MBid Opportunities

The following links provide information regarding our current/past MBid opportunities:

MBid Resources

The following resources are available to help users within the MBid System:


For additional help/information on the MBid System, click on the appropriate question below to view its response. If you have cannot find an answer for your MBid question, please send it to us via e-mail.

You choose the category or categories that you are interested in when you register for MBid and you then receive an e-mail notification whenever a bid or proposal is requested for one of your registered categories. You can view a list of the registration categories here

Click on the "New Supplier Registration" button above to begin the process of registering your vendor in MBid.

There are seven steps to complete the Registration process.

  • Step 1: Review the Terms and Conditions and Click Accept. You may print these out if you like.
  • Step 2: Complete with your Company Information. Click NEXT
  • Step 3: Complete with your Address Information. Click NEXT
  • Step 4: Identify any Special Classification for your company. Click NEXT
  • Step 5: Identify the Commodity Code(s) for your company. Click on the blue link that says "Add or Remove Selections." Find the code(s) that best match the services your company provides and click on "Select." You may choose as many codes as you like. Once you have chosen all your commodity codes, click on "Save Selections." Click NEXT
  • Step 6: Complete with your Primary User Information. Be sure to write down your user name and password. You can only identify one user at the point of registration; however, you can add more users to your profile once the registration is complete. Click NEXT
  • Step 7: Review and Submit.

All purchases for goods and standard/professional services that exceed $50,000 come through Purchasing Services, who then determines if a bid or proposal is required. All bids and proposals generated by Purchasing Services come through MBid.

Just click on the "Forgot your User Name / Password?" link above.

All responses are required to submit electronically via the MBid tool.

The MBid tool will verify that your response has been completed and successfully submitted.

All awards will be done via a Purchase Order.

It is recommended that you register multiple contacts at your company so that you don't miss an opportunity because of vacations or other issues. In order to do this, complete the following steps:

  1. Have current account holder log in to MBid.
  2. Click on "Manage My Account"
  3. Click on the "Users" Tab
  4. Click on "New"
  5. Add the info, Save.

All responses must be submitted electronically. PDF attachments can be submitted if it is critical to your proposal.

To add an attachment, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Response Attachments tab in the Supplier Response and click on "New".
  2. Fill in the "Title" and "Description" of the attachment you are attaching then click the "Browse" box to locate the file on your computer.
  3. Click Save and then Return.

You can add as many attachments as necessary to your response.

Keep this in mind when you register with your email address. You may need to use a shared ID if many people need to get involved with the RFx response.

To print a response, complete the following steps:

  1. Click on Draft/Submitted Responses.
  2. Put a checkbox next to the opportunity you wish to print.
  3. Click on the Documents link.
  4. In the Ad-Hoc section, click on the "Supplier Individual Response Document" and a pdf will be generated of your response.

You can view the results of a particular RFx by clicking the "Award Details" tab. Be sure to check the "Award Attachments" section of this tab for additional details regarding the award. If you'd like to request any files regarding a particular award, simply send us an e-mail. Be sure to reference the RFx # when submitting your request.