Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For U Faculty & Staff

The questions listed below are ones that are frequently asked by our Faculty & Staff. Click on the appropriate question to view its response.

If you cannot find your question here, please send it to us via e-mail.

If your EFS Purchase Order (PO) was unexpectedly closed during the year-old closure process, please note the following reference documents to help resolve the issue:

  1. Decision Matrix on Potential Next Steps
  2. Creation of Replacement Requisition/PO Instructions (for totals of $50,000 or more)

If a supplier has requested you sign something as a result of your purchase, please note the following to help resolve the issue:

  1. Do not sign the supplier’s form as that may mean you are agreeing to their Terms and Conditions. The University’s standard Purchase Order (PO) Terms and Conditions must be used in all but unusual circumstances. The University is a constitutional function of the State of Minnesota, so certain laws and regulations apply to our contracts that do not apply to other purchasers.
  2. If the supplier’s form contains “business” terms, such as specifying the goods or services, price, delivery information, etc., you can attach it to our PO without signing it.
  3. Additional information about contracts can be found in the University’s Policy on Entering into Contracts.