Doing Business with the University

For Suppliers

Purchasing Services is here to help all suppliers that do business with, or are interested in doing business with, the University of Minnesota.

Contact Information

The Purchasing Services Staff is available by appointment and can assist with any Purchasing-related questions you may have. Our office hours are from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.  Refer to the Staff List & Organization Chart found on the bottom of this page for direct contact information. Cold calls (dropping in) without a prior appointment with Purchasing Services are not permitted.

Purchasing Services is located in the West Bank Office Building
            1300 South Second Street, Suite 277
            Minneapolis, MN 55454-1082
            Phone: 612-624-2828
            Fax: 612-624-3410

Formal Purchasing Thresholds

All purchases are subject to University polices which requires Purchasing Services to publicly solicit (at certain dollar thresholds) competitive bids through a Request for Bid/Proposal (RFx) process.

Current Bid Thresholds

The University of Minnesota’s formal purchasing bid threshold for goods and standard services is $50,000. The bid threshold for design (Architect, Engineering, and Consulting) services is $100,000 while the construction services bid threshold is $250,000.

With few exceptions, Purchasing Services shall conduct an open and competitive process to select suppliers for single and repetitive purchases that exceed the thresholds noted above.

Bid Opportunities

Visit our Bid Opportunities website to see a list of RFx opportunities that are currently open and available to bid.

Responding to Requests for Bids or Proposals

Once you have received an RFx, carefully review the requirements. Questions shall be addressed to the Purchasing Representative listed within the Request.

Bid/Proposal Due Date and Time

Carefully review the RFx due date and time.  Late Bids or Proposals will not be considered.

Bid or Proposal Status

Once the RFx has closed (specifically, passed its due date), the responses are evaluated to determine an award. A Bid or Proposal status request shall be addressed to the Purchasing Representative listed within the Request.

Purchases under the Formal Threshold

Departments can make purchases under the formal threshold by using one of the following purchasing methods.

  • Electronic Requisition/Purchase Order
  • Purchasing Card for one time purchases up to $2500

Individual departments are required to perform an informal bid process to select a supplier and make a purchase.

Marketing to Departments

Suppliers are not permitted to solicit business or demonstrate equipment on the University of Minnesota premises unless requested by a University department.  Contact a department to schedule an appointment. Mailing information/brochures/price lists to departments is also permitted. Cold calls (dropping in) on the department are not permitted.

Visit our University of Minnesota Directory for contact information for all University colleges, departments, units, programs, and centers.

Parking on Campus

For directions on navigating campus and parking, we recommend you access the University of Minnesota's Parking and Transportation Services website.

Supplier Activity at the University of Minnesota

Suppliers should also be aware of the University Financial Policies and Procedures website.

Smoke-and-Tobacco-Free Campus

Smoking or using tobacco products and electronic cigarettes is prohibited in all facilities and on all University property. All employees of the selected Respondent and their subcontractors must adhere to this policy while working on campus. Information regarding the University’s Smoke-and-Tobacco-Free Campus policy can be found in the University's Policy Library.


It is against University policy and Minnesota law for University of Minnesota employees to accept gratuities or gifts from suppliers.

Supplier Diversity

The Regents strongly believe that the purchasing power of the University should enhance equal employment and business opportunities for minorities, women and disabled persons. For addition resources on supplier diversity, we recommend you access the University of Minnesota's Office for Business & Community Economic Development website.